Coolant vs. water for your radiator??

Coolant vs. water for your radiator??

Is it Okay to Use Water Instead of Car Coolant?

Even though many people choose to simply put water into their radiators instead of coolant, it is not really a good idea. If you do not have any coolant on hand and must use water, then by all means do so. Do however, make sure that you purchase some coolant and put it into your radiator at your next available moment.                                                            

There is a big difference between using proper coolant and water. While water does help to keep your engine cool, it does not work nearly as well as coolant does. First of all, water boils faster and at a lower temperature than coolant. If it is winter, then you risk having your engine block crack if you run your engine with only plain water. Engine coolant has also been formulated to keep the parts in your engine from becoming corroded. Water, it goes without saying, does not possess these qualities.

Remember! Without coolant, the heat produced through constant internal combustion would destroy the engine very quickly. Water alone is not entirely adequate to keep the system cool, for the high temperatures inside the motor would eventually boil it off. In time, the water in the system would evaporate entirely.  Doing this will help you avoid bigger and costlier problems further down the road.

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Publisher: Mechanics At Work
Date Published: Aug 17 2017 11:40AM
Date Edited: Aug 23 2021 11:31PM